Order Guide

The Guideline of Place an Order in Loveyou Wholesale?
Follow this step-by-step guide if you're confused about how to order in Loveyou Wholesale.

Step 1

1.Choose the products in our website that you are interested in.

2.Choose one color by clicking on the thumbnail, choose one size, add the quantity, and click "Add to Cart" button, shopping cart will be shown on the right with all items on it.

3.You can choose another size or another color through same way, and checkout.


Step 2

4.In the shopping cart's preview you can see the list of the products you have chosen, together with their quantities and prices.

5.If you want to change the quantity, click on +/- button to add or reduce the quantity and wait for a moment. The shopping cart will be updated shortly.

6.Please make sure your items match the MOQ indicated for accessories or else you will not be able to check out; a warning message will pop up to show the quantity you need to add. There is no MOQ for clothing. 


Step 3

7.To check shipping fees, please go to the bottom of your cart and click "Check Out" button to next page, filling in your "Contact information" and "Shipping address".

8.Click "Continue to shipping" for the exact shipping fee.(Our shipping fees are calculated per KG and based on shipment directly from our factories.)

9.For more information about shipping fees please visit our shipping policy page.                                                 



Step 4

10.After logging in, signing up or entering shipping details, please select your preferred shipping methods. The table presents available shipping methods together with shipping costs and estimated delivery time.

11.Click "Continue to payment" to advance.
Available delivery methods:
1). Standard courier (available for worldwide delivery)
2). FEDEX/DHL Express (available for worldwide delivery)         


Step 5

12.Click "Complete order". You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase securely.

13.Once you have successfully paid you will see this screen with your order number.

14.We will send you logistics updates via email or text message once the shipment has been dispatched.