Women's Tank Top: Selection Criteria for Universal Use

Summer T-shirt top is an indispensable attribute in a basic women's wardrobe. It can be of any color and from any material, mainly plain or with a discreet print. This T-shirt is multifunctional and can be combined with almost all garments and accessories.

How to choose a basic top?

The main rule is that a women's top should be comfortable, slightly fitted, not very tight-fitting. Today, matte silk T-shirts with thin straps in linen style are popular.

However, if you plan to wear a T-shirt on your own, without wearing a blazer or cardigan over it, it is better to purchase a model with wide straps.

The optimal length of the top is one palm below the waist. It should cover the belly, but at the same time not be too long. It is better to prefer a neckline of medium depth.

Choose the color of the base top at your discretion. The color palette is popular (black, blue, white, gray, ivory, nude, graphite, etc.), which is combined with almost all wardrobe items. Variants of lingerie-style models can be decorated with thin graceful Chantilly lace with "eyelashes" sewn on the upper part of the bodice.

It is better to cover linen T-shirts tops with shoulder garments (cardigans, jackets, shirts), showing only a small part of the provocative T-shirt with lace.

Play on contrasts is also allowed, that is, a combination of delicate silk with leather or denim.

It is better to choose a solid top as a base, even if it is a deep saturated color, and say "no" to a bright print, pattern or motley color.

Garments that go well with a T-shirt top


This is a classic combination. Top under jacket can be worn with women's chinos, skirt, jeans or trousers. It will perfectly complement a business suit, making it less strict. A tank top in combination with a jacket will beautifully accentuate the neckline, moderately revealing it. At the end of a busy day, you can simply take off your jacket, change into bright stiletto heels or comfortable casual shoes and get a trendy Look for a date or get-together with friends.


An unbuttoned cardigan will perfectly replace a jacket if the latter does not suit you for some reason. This is another universal option in which you can go to work, and to a meeting with your loved one, and to an important event.

Plunge Jumper and Shirt looks

If your wardrobe has a plunging jumper, you can wear it over a lingerie-style silk top with one shoulder down. A linen top with a shirt tucked into jeans looks no less interesting.

Top by itself

It is not necessary to complement the women's top with various shoulder products. By itself, it also looks advantageous in combination with a midi or maxi skirt, culottes, jeans and trousers.

With the right combination of things with a T-shirt, you can get a lot of stylish and feminine looks, complemented by accessories. So start building your own basic wardrobe by purchasing a versatile top. 2-3 T-shirts in pastel shades or classic colors are enough to use them in outfits and look stunning under any circumstances.

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